Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Vegan Adventure #4: Cheating

I cheated twice in the past two weeks; both times were on my night to cook, once intentionally and once accidentally. On my night to cook I try to make flexible meals. These are dishes that can be halved easily and meat added to one so the rest of the family is happy. Sister keeps reminding me that I "eat the food my food eats." Overall it has been going well except these two nights...

The first cheating was burrito night. I thought ahead and checked the tortillas ingredient list. They weren't vegan. Thankfully the local natural foods store had locally made veggie tortillas. They were...interesting (Sister just says they are gross). I had two, which were just okay. Something was missing so for my third one I added a bit of cheese. It was a bit of an improvement but I think my taste buds are changing (like Jessica predicted). When I used the wraps the next day I didn't feel the need to add cheese.

The second cheating was me not thinking. This week I decided on ravioli for pasta night. The family's meat version was simple, just pick up a package of ravioli at the store. Vegan ravioli would take more effort. I found a filling recipe that I was confident I could tweak. It called for mushrooms, spinach, and soy ricotta; I left out the soy ricotta because I generally hate soy.

I knew I would have time to also make the dough so to save time I bought wonton wrappers. I thought I was so clever. Unlike the pervious tortilla adventure I didn't think to check the ingredient list. The product has eggs. But since I bought them for the meal I did use them. The meal was delicious and I didn't allow myself to feel too guilty. The finished dish is the first image. The "cheese" is the vegan cheese I wrote about in the first Vegan Adventure. I'm starting to acquire an almost like for it.

The best part of the liked it (she doesn't like pasta)!

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