Monday, July 11, 2016

My Vegan Adventure #5: Why Vegan?

I'm half way through my vegan experience. And with the expecption of a few slips and cheats, that have already been mentioned, it is going very well. More than once I've been asked why I am doing this. I don't have an elevator pitch answer yet. There are a few factors that lead to this:

1) Since my friend Jessica went vegan a few years back I have been trying 30 Day vegetarian challenges as a birthday gifts. The idea of trying a vegan challenge has been percolating for a while. I've also used being a vegetarian as a birthday-bucket-list challenge. It seems wrong to just do what I knew I could do again.

2) Starting last year during my veggie month I have watched a lot of the Netflix documentaries on food and the merits of a plant based diet. The evidence indicated that plant based diets are good for the environment, for understanding other food cultures, and for my health to eat a mostly plant diet.

3) Back in January I was recommended a book by Dr. Fuhrman, I believe it was Eat to Live. He seemed a bit too extreme but matched a lot of the there advice I was reading. So I kept reading and thing.

4) I have known for awhile that I needed to make some lifestyle challenges, specifically to my diet. The movies and book got me thinking that a plant based diet might be the way to go. I wanted to eat less junk foods and more green food. I also new that I wouldn't gradually add more vegetables.  It might seem backwards but my thinking was through this 6 weeks I could change my taste buds and what my body craved. So far I think it's been working.

5) Also vegan powers:

And that is why I started this 6-week challenge three weeks ago, only three left to go. So far no vegan powers.

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