Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Apartment Therapy is Back!

What is Apartment Therapy?
ə-pärt'mənt thĕr'ə-pē:

1) It's a book. 2) It's a website. 3) It's an eight-week home improvement challenge. Last year while searching for DIY projects I stumbled upon Apartment Therapy. The site is an online project that allows people to share apartment tours, cool finds, sale items, and home improvements. Their mission is "to connect people to the resources they need to improve their homes, while reducing their reliance on stuff." Intrigued I bought the site creator's book "Apartment Therapy" but only managed to complete two and a half weeks worth of challenges.

Completing the four-week 20/20 Home Cure this past fall boosted my confidence. So, I'm making a second attempt at completing the 8-Week Home Cure. This time it's going to be different....I hope. The downside, the site hasn't launched their Spring project yet and the daily videos, articles, and general community support definitely helped in the Fall. Upside...if I keep at it I should be done on my birthday!

Survivor Prediction: I don't want to write a second post, so here's my thoughts. I think Russel will win the duel tonight but I want Matt to win and Russel to go home.

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