Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Mar 2

Survivor's back! It's actually been back for three weeks but no one has gone home...yet. This year Survivor has added a twist. Those voted out are sent to "Redemption Island" with a chance to return to the game. When another evicted outcast arrives on the island the two will "duel." The winner remains alone on the island while the loser is out. At some point the person who survived on Redemption Island will re-enter the game (I'm guessing after the merge).

Thoughts on the First Two Weeks:
1) Boston Rob and Russel are back! They're on opposite tribes each wanting another chance to be sole survivor. I can't see either one winning...but I am cheering for Rob.
2) I think the Redemption Island twist will mess up alliances and Rob's strategies.
3) Jeff Probst's recap blog is my new favourite part of watching Survivor.
4) Boston Rob will always be my favourite, but I'm also a becoming a huge fan of Ralph and Matt. I really hope Matt makes it back from Redemption Island.

Predictions for Mar 2:
It's hard to say what the "duel" will be therefore really hard to predict whose going home. I am hoping Matt will win and Francesca will be the first heading home.

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