Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decluttering Day 9

Day 8 Follow Up:
Nothing happened. I was at work all day. Joined my girls for supper and then we went to the concert, which was awesome! But it meant a late night and I knew I had to be wake for mom's playgroup and story time this I just went to bed.

Day 8 Task: Organizing the Kitchen
Thankfully organizing the kitchen was a two day task, so I still get to work on it today. Sadly it means I have two days of organizing to do in one evening (between meeting with a student and going to life group). I am not sure there is enough time. What happened to all the day?

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Glo said...

Liz, try to focus on what you can get done. look at where you started and all that you have accomplished any little bit that gets done is more then worth it.