Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decluttering Day 3

Day 2 Follow Up:
Wednesdays my Life Group meets. We're normally done by 10ish. Last night ladies and I chatted much much later. I didn't get home till after 1:00 am. I was so tired; I just wanted to crawl into bed. Instead I did entered the mess and sorted for about an hour. I knew that if I didn't do something last night it would be easier to just skip another task and another task till thirty days had past and nothing had changes. I think it went well:
  • Total garbage bags filled: 1.5
  • Total recycling bags filled: 2.5
  • Downside: the boxes I was working with were covered in dust which triggered my asthma not fun.
  • Upside: the "sell/donate/give away" pile is now larger than the "keep/decided later" pile.
  • Cool Finds: pictures and memorial from Japan that I didn't think I brought home, a story I wrote in gr. 6, some old love letters, essays and school work going back to gr. 1, and my childhood toys.
  • Question: what to do with all the music CDs I've accumulated? I don't really listen to the music any more. I could just get rid of it all or burn the songs and then get rid of the collectionl...or some combination of that. But what if the computer crashes and I want the music back...then what?
Day 3: Small Task Thursday
One of the modifications I made the the 31-Day-Declutter schedule was adding the "small task" or simple activity day. Thursdays are my busiest day of the week so to keep but I don't want to use momentum by having a "free day." Today's small task is sorting and purging my sock drawer.

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