Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oh, the Places We've Been

Oh, the Places We've Been
or Our Two Days at Universal

Seuss I am not but a rhyme I will try
To explain the two days I didn't stay dry.
Our time, it was spent,at the Universal parks
Where the joy that we shared was like firework sparks.
We began the first day with a really good scoop
On trouble being caused by a villainous troop.
We discovered Doc Oc and his sinister plan.
We were trapped and afraid as we shook in our van,
Thank goodness for the Amazing Spiderman.
With his fast web-working he kept evil at bay;
Allowing my family to get on with our day.So off we went looking for new things to discover
With nothing to fear from boredom or blover.
There was so much to do and so much to see
From animal actors to the home planet of E.T,
Or a playland inspired by Fievel Goes West.Which brings us to the thing that Lee-Ann loved the best,
An amazing place called 'Seuss Landing'
A Seuss-filled space that was simply outstanding.There was the Lorax, his forest, the Cat and the Hat,
And even Sam-I-Am and his Green Eggs and Ham.
We met strange animals we never knew
As we walked through the maze 'If I Ran the Zoo'.And on the sky trolley we saw wonderful sights
Like Star-Belly Sneetches from those very high heights.
In every direction you could possibly look,
You'd think you were in the pages of a Seuss storybook.
There were many of the Seuss characters you'd like to meet.
To think I saw it all on Mulberry Street.
Then a ride devoted to beloved story we did past;
'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish' promised to be a blast.
And my dear little sister had one simple wish
That I would join her in a green fish.
"Sure," I said, "how bad could it be?"
The error of this choice soon I would see.
For the ride had fountains that squired in time
To the words of a song -a musical rhyme.
Around and around all the fishes did go
And we had the power to fly high or fly low
While from above and below water did spray
And my dryness that "helpful" rhymer did betray.
So after I was thoroughly covered in water
We decided it was time to visit the world of Harry Potter.
The next day my water woes were repeated
In Curious George town were my joy was almost defeated.
I thought i was safe on a water-free trail
Where nothing would splash me or fall from a pail.
But at some point I must have gone left when I should have turned right.
So we played and had fun unaware of our plight
Till suddenly from above a great flood began to pour.
And again I found myself drenched to my core.
To cheer me up we joined the Men in Black
In saving New York from an alien attack.
And we learned a true lesson on that fateful day,
Our mother would shoot things if she had her way.
Oh, the places we've been and the fun that we've had,
It is all truly thanks to my wonderful Dad!


Anonymous said...

I loved the ryme from beginning to end and through tears of laughter and joy a Big Thank You I send....Really good Liz
Love you all Aunt Sharon

Elizabeth said...

Thank You! Ah, so glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to write but it took about three weeks to make everything fit, even then I second guess myself. But I like it.

I love you too,