Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decluttering Day 10

This week has not gone as planned but exactly as I had expected. I'm feeling like I'm too far behind on the decluttering challenge. If I hadn't already posted before pictures think I would just give up. But I did so I am going to keep going. I have to start thinking of the 31-days like NaNoWriMo. Some days I miss the daily word goal but pulling out a 10k-word day makes the 50k words possible. Decluttering is a similarly impossible task. My deadline is just 21 days away but failure is not an option. Between now and April 15th my house will be clutter free.

Day 10: Small Task Thursday
Um...I'm going to wash my dishes. Right now that is all my head can handle.


Anonymous said...

Changing the subject entirely ...

Our writing group is already started but perhaps some fine-tuning is needed.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link, I willingly admit I don't know what I am doing :)

Are you participating in Scrip Frenzy this year?