Thursday, March 10, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Mar 16

Because I watch Survivor online Thursday evenings I'm moving my response and prediction posting to the Thursday before. That way the episode if fresh in my mind and I don't make predictions after the episode has aired.

Thoughts So Far:
1) Russell is GONE! I'm not surprised his tribe voted him out. If the Villains tribe had had a chance to watch his first season of Survivor I doubt they would have kept him as long as they did. I am glad Matt won...but I was kinda looking forward to seeing Rob and Russel face off after the merge.
2) I don't like the "duel" element of the game right now. I might change my opinion at the merge, but for now I miss the finality of the vote and the torch being extinguished.
3) I hope Matt wins all the duels.
4) If immunity idols are this easy "just to find" why give clues?

Predictions for Mar 16:
Matt is going to win another duel!

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