Thursday, March 17, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Mar 23

Thoughts So Far:
1) Even if Rob doesn't win I think he is the best Survivor player of all time. He just gets the game.

2) Wow, Philip is crazy. I don't want his tribe to vote him out just because he makes things interesting.

3) "Russel's Girls" may look good in yellow (the other tribes colours) but they're not going to make it to merge. Their whole tribe is against them. But I applaud their effort.

4) I'm finding interested in this season. First, none people I chat about the show with are watching this season. Half the fun is speculating whose going to win or compare why we like or dislike a player. Second, in general I've been watching less television this winter which has removed the "must watch show" pressure.

Predictions for Mar 23:
At the duel I expect Matt to win...again! He's already had three wins.

I think Ometepe is due another tribe challenge "Win" and that Zapatera's Stephanie Valencia will be heading to the island.

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