Wednesday, August 26, 2015

35 Update

It has been four months since my birthday and two months since I made this year's bucket-list public. It seemed like a perfect time review how things are going.

Completed challenges are written in purple.

The 35:

1) Choose a "My One Word"
I am still working through the process of choosing a word.

2) Read the whole Bible
Bit by bit :).

3) Paint the canvas
It's still blank.

4) Go on a spiritual retreat
I attended Mark East.

5) Fill a journal

6) Take a course

7) Write more

8) Read more

9) Dance more

10) Draw (almost) weekly

11) Be thankful

12) Make 500 cards

13) Do something I've been putting off

14) Experience Summer
I've gone on a road trip, rode a paddle boat, on to hikes, visit a few rock beaches, swam in a lake, gone camping, roasted marshmallows, tried kayaking, andwalked on the boardwalk while watching buskers. It's been a good summer. Things I would still like to do is canoe, visit a beach, swim in the ocean, and even sleep under the stars.

15) Learn to cook five dishes
I've been enjoying cooking this month. I tried poaching an egg today; the roommate agreed it was a success.

16) Cosplay with my sister (at Hal-Con)
The tickets are bought, the room booked, and costumes are being created. I am so excited.

17) Know 1000 Spanish words
The Duolingo vocabulary has a different number then the Babble. It is sad because it is less 201 words.

18) Finish four children stories 

19) Send a completed work to an agent or publisher

20) Go to the symphony
The tickets have arrived for the symphony! The show isn't till November.

21) Send mail

22) Swim in the ocean

23) Visit a provincial or national park

24) Find My Style

25) Be healthy

26) Be a vegetarian for 30 days
I'm on day 16.

27) Host a party

28) Let someone know how much they mean to me

29) Keep a plant alive
Hank is still alive! I harvested all the tomatoes and it has new flowering shoots.

30) Try something new
I tried kayaking

31) Vlog

32) Surprise someone in a way they will appreciate

33) Have an adventure with my family
I hope this one happens next month when I go home to visit the family.

34) Celebrate someone's birthday by celebrating others
Operation Cupcake 

35) Take a risk

So that's where the list stands. Five of 35 challenges completed and 8 months to go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You tried kayaking?
I did too!

Isn't it wonderful?
I went out in a kayak for the first time last weekend (hmmm? ... seems longer ago than that) It was the last weekend in August anyway.

I was at Brigadoon - Camp Brigadoon/Brigadoon Village - for three days and that was one of the activities.
I want to try kayaking again, now that I've been told a bit more about the proper way to paddle. (I was late getting to the dock so missed out on any and all pre-paddle instructions.)