Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Daily Writing Warm-Up #8

Let's Talk
Time: 10 min

I was having a whimsical day, dreaming what it would be like if pets could talk. It is the base for today's prompt. Spend ten minutes writing a conversation between a person and an animal. The conversation could be in a world where animals actually talk or one sided with the human interpreting the animals reactions.

about food/feeding time


trying to convince the animal to do something, like coming inside.

I hope you enjoyed today's exercise! If you did please share it with other writers and consider signing-up for the August Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.

1 comment:

Amai said...

I kinda fumbled this one, because as I finished, I realised that I had been writing about an animal trying to convince a person to do something (let him out) rather than the other way around. Still, my take away is going to be Sven's Reindeer song, because it's a perfect example of human's interpreting. :)