Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Simple Woman Daybook 166

FOR TODAY: August 19, 2015
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Outside my window... the haze after a massive rainstorm; the sky is an odd yellow. It really is strange in person the picture isn't doing it justice.

I am thinking... food cultures; the question this week is "what is the best apple?" I plan to share my findings next week.

I am thankful... Nicole.

I am wearing... shorts and a t-shirt.

I am creating... a mini 4th Doctor Who scarf to be a garland on my Christmas tree and hopefully used by a friend at Hal-Con.
I am reading... How One Teen Innovator Is Changing The World, The Next Door Saviour, Guide to being Awesome, and the Bible.

I am learning... new recipes. I am most excited to try veggie burgers tomorrow.

I am watching... first season of Arrow

I want to cosplay (someday) as.... Suki from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Cosplay update.... Hal-Con is 71 days away. I am going with my sister and a friend. We have costume plans for each of the days. Right now I am research mode; looking into the best way to create each and ordering all the wigs and any special ears.  

I am geeking out... there are these cute Doctor Who keychain bobbles.

I am playing... a lot of Elfenland.
One of my favorite things... homemade ice tea.

In my kitchen... there has been so much joy and excitement in my kitchen this week. I'm on day 10 of the vegetarian challenge. I've been trying and will be trying many new foods and recipes. This morning was scrambled eggs with spinach and Swiss cheese. I tried my hand at an iced green tea. I also tried an Aloe Vera juice, almond milk, and looking forward to trying veggie dogs Saturday.


A few plans for the rest of the week:... wrapping up a week of VBS, more blogging, and hopefully visits with friends maybe even games.
A few pictures to share... over the past few days I've had a few really fun outings.

Saw Theodore the Tugboat while walking the boardwalk.

Made a few friends while shopping with a friend.

Heard big band music at the Moonlight Paradise Concert.

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