Monday, August 31, 2015

Food Adventures

Today begins the third week of the 30 day vegetarian challenge. Things are going better then I could
have imagined. In past years I wasn't prepared and missed meat the whole time. This time has been different; I've had almost no cravings for meat. The few moments have all been related to smell and passed quickly.

The other thing that's been fun has been trying new foods and recipes. A friend has been staying with me the past few weeks, tonight is her last night. She's been a willing guinea pig. The first thing we tried was almond milk. It was better then I expected and went well with my second experiment.
I've never enjoyed hot oatmeal. But on my neighbours recommendations I decided to try Qa'i. It is apparently a "superfood" with chia seeds, buckwheat, hemp, and quinoa. I wasn't expecting to like it. Maybe I've matured, it is the first oatmeal I've ever enjoyed. I liked it best with a banana, strawberries, and a splash of almond milk.

The next experiments were my favourites. The first I didn't get a picture, it was homemade veggie burgers with sweet potatoes fries. The burger was great with leftovers that reheat well. This will now be a regular on my menu plans. The second meal will also be a favourite even after this challenge ends. It was a stuffed tomato with two sides, the first dill carrots and snow peas and the second garlic green beans with red peppers. It was yummy and one of the better meals I've cooked. For me the best part was that all the vegetables came from local farms.

One of the local find was this purple pepper. PURPLE PEPPERS! Who knew? I didn't mind them and didn't find the taste much different from a regular bell pepper. Roommate agreed but another friend joined us for the meal and said she would never buy them.

The last of the new foods we tried was veggie dogs. I had been wanting a hot dog since walking the boardwalk are few Saturdays ago. My vegan and vegetarian friends all warned me that any vegetarian substitutes on the market weren't that great. They are right. The texture is decent but the taste isn't great. I fried the veggie dogs in butter and that was the best part. The side is parsnip fritters. I've discovered I like parsnips.
More new food experiences next week. I was going to include book club  review on the first chapter of What to Eat? But decided it would be better as a separate post, so stay tuned for that.

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