Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Daily Writing Warm-Up #12

Sentence Starters
Time: 10 min

I am trying something new with the Sentence Starters exercise. I'm at the library and grabbed a book off a near by shelf. It was The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It is one of my favourite Montgomery books; the cover doesn't do it justice.

I am randomly choosing two sentences. Spend ten minutes creating a new paragraph/story that starts with...

"'I'm going to be honest with myself anyhow,' she thought savagely."


"By eleven o'clock she had changed her mind."

Thank you for checking out the daily writing prompt. For more information about the challenge or to sign-up visit the introduction post August Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.


Amai said...

Emily of New Moon has always been my favorite.

I like the new twist on the challenge. Both of those weren't necessarily obvious starter lines, which meant it required a little more thought to make it work, which makes it more fun to do. Plus, I found a use for my random New Girl, Shameless, and Agents of Sheild plot knowledge. Now I can call those hours wasted 'research'. :)

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you enjoyed!