Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Simple Woman Daybook 165

FOR TODAY: August 4, 2015
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Outside my window... a bird singing

I am thinking... about motivation and Christian tradition. Those are separate thoughts.

I am thankful... lakes.

I am wearing... my pjs (I slept in).

I am creating... a story 

I am reading... He Still Moves Stones, Stardust, Kid President's Guide to being Awesome, the fifth book in the Cedar River Daydreams.

I am learning... Spanish.

I am watching... Lie to Me

I want to cosplay (someday) as.... Batgirl (yellow and purple costume).

I am geeking out... on Doctor Who, I picked up the fan magazine last week.

I played... Escape, Betrayal on the House on Haunted Hill, and Castles of Burgundy this weekend while camping. It was so much fun. It took me awhile to get into Betrayal because I was the villain but victory made it sweet. Mwhahahahahaha. And I had my best game of Castles of Burgundy (I am the black marker in the picture).

One of my favorite things... RV camping.
In my food world....I am changing "my kitchen" to be more about things I am trying because my best food adventures seem to be happening with other people. Two weekends ago was the farmers markets big taste test contest. I had a delicious lobster hodgepodge
Then a group from Best Word (my writing group) went on an epic hike. We found wild raspberries.

I tried something new thing weekend, my vegetarian friend made it, it had lentil and other yummy things and I have no memory of the name and didn't think to take a picture.

A few plans for the rest of the week:... there are still movie reviews to write, I am seeing one of my best friends tonight, volunteering, and preparing crafts for another VBS.
A few pictures to share... from the hike:


Anita said...

Love your photos, and that lobster looks delicious! Hope you have a wonderful week :)

allisamazing said...

I love camping and playing board games! It doesn't get much better than that! Love your pics. Have a great week :)

goodnightgram said...

Lobster hodgepodge sounds interesting. Might be more economical in a hodgepodge too. Aren't wild raspberries fun to find? And yummy too. Love your butterfly photos. That second one has an interesting color pattern.

Anonymous said...

Re the second picture: Get the feeling you were being watched?

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