Saturday, December 12, 2015

More River Song (in Mini Episodes)

I've been using Saturdays of this year's Countdown to share mini episodes I've missed. Last year I found the very fun First Night, Last Night, and Up All Night.

This year I discovered Rain Gods and The Wedding of River Song Prequel. Of the two I am actually glad I missed the prequel when it aired.

The Wedding of River Song Prequel aired after Closing Time and before the Wedding of River Song.

Rain Gods aired after the Snowmen (Christmas Special) and before the Bells of John Prequel. I find it much more fun then the Prequel.

I've already said it, I am very happy Alex Kingston is returning for the Christmas special. I hope it is good. I was chatting over board games with some Whovian friends today when I realized I seem to only enjoy ever other Christmas special. I hope that pattern breaks this year, because I liked Last Christmas. We shall know soon enough.

Tomorrow I am hanging out those same friends playing the Doctor Who card game tomorrow. I'll have a review of the game up some time tomorrow night.

The BBC's digital Doctor Who 2015 Advent Calendar.
Countdown Till Star Wars: 5 sleeps
Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 13 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian sees the Christmas Special: 14 sleeps

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