Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Pond Life

Today ought to be a tutorial. I had it all planned. I have all the supplies and was going to spend my afternoon being creative and crafty. Then I got called into work so the tutorial will have to wait till next Tuesday. Instead I decided to share a few mini episodes.

I've been missing the Ponds. While watching other minis I rediscovered the "Pond Life" mini-series; its's very fun. They are a set of five sketches happen between the the Doctors "death" at the end of season six and Asylum of the Daleks (season 7 episode 1) in which the Ponds have separated. I missed them when they first became available, which is sad because it would have made the start of season 7 make so much more sense.

Here is April to August of the Pond Life:

I think my favourite moment was "Odd on the Loo"

Again sorry for the lack of tutorial

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Amai said...

Odd on the loo was really quite a good one :)