Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial: Sibylline Sisterhood Bone Jewelry

Hello Friends and Fellow Whovians!

Welcome to the first day of this year's Whovian Christmas Special Countdown. You can expect at least one Doctor Who related post everyday from now until the Christmas Special airs on December 25th. There will be tutorials, videos, top tens, and more.

We are starting with a Tuesday Tutorial. Today's tutorial is the bone jewelry worn by priestess of the Sibylline Sisterhood. They are the women with the creepy eyes on their hands that the Tenth Doctor and Donna have a run in with during  "The Fires of Pompeii." Remember to always carry wa water gun. A few weeks ago I cosplayed as one of the priestess and really enjoyed putting the costume together, especially the make-up and jewelry.


  • Crayola Model Magic
  • Reference Photos
  • Paint
  • String or cord
  • Glue
  • Time
Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Read the Lables
There are a number of great screen shots on the priestess. I printed out three sheets of pictures to use as references. Photos are really helpful while preparing any costume and I discover the more the better. You will find them helpful for studied what type of jewelry/bones you will need. I divided them into three types, 1) tiny teeth like beads, 2) single teeth or claws and 3) two claws pointing down to make horseshoe attached by a clasp or loop.

Next choose a medium to work with. I went with Model Magic. Before I started I read all the instructions, hints, and even watched a youtube review before I began because it was my first time using the material. I chose Model Magic because it is an easy to use, light weight, air dries and can be painted.

Step 2: Have Fun/Making Your Bones
This is the best part of the process. You get to make stuff.
After opening the packaged I just played around for a big getting use to the feel, texture, and how it held its shape for the first few minutes. I then got around to creating the bones for each of the necklaces. I ended up making enough for three sets.
I found the easiest way to make the bones was to roll out the clay into round tubes or "snakes" divide the tube into the size I wanted with my fingers. Then mold and taper one end into a point. I used toothpicks to add holes to string the beads after then dried.

Step 3: Let the Model Magic Dry
The packed says it dries in 72 hours. I left if for a week, the clay kept its shape but I was surprised how squishy the pieces felt. Three weeks later there was still a long of spring in the "dried" clay.

Step 4: Painting is optional.
I did not think to take a picture of the painted pieces. I used a pale off white on the smallest "teeth" beads. On the larger "U" pieces I painted the loop dark brown. I also needed to hot glue a one of the loops in place.

Step 5: Wear Them
I wore some of these beads as part of my Sibylline Sisterhood cosplay:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. There will be another Doctor Who themed tutorial next week. If you don't want to wait you can check out the Whovian tutorials from last Christmas:
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