Monday, December 21, 2015

Top Ten Doctor Who Spin-Off Ideas

I'm back, sorry to those who have been looking for the daily Whovian posts. It has been three very full days with waking at stupid o'clock and late nights. Something had to give and sadly it was the blog. But there will be a post every day the rest of the countdown.

After the season nine finale, Hell Bent, there were many clamoring for a Clara and Me spin-off. That idea has inspired this Top Ten of other spin-off ideas:

10. About Jack
How can you not love Captain Jack Harness? There are two ways a Captain Jack spin-off could go, "The Further Adventures of Captain Jack" or "The Missing Years" from Jack's years with the time agency.

9. Origins
Origins would the early days of the Time Lord legends Omega and Rassilion maybe before they became evil megalomaniacs.

8. Another Universe: Rose and Clone Ten's Stories
7. Unit
My first idea was two separate shows "The Tales of The Osgood" and "Martha And Micky" then realized a show with them all together as a team would be very fun.

7. The Doctor's Daughter
I've always wanted to know what happened to Jenny.

5. Ramana
A beloved classic companion was Ramana who traveled with the Fourth Doctor. There are some fun ways this spin-off could go. What was her life like in E-space? How did she return to Galiffery? How did she become the Lord President? All fun questions such a show could explore.
4. The Time Lord Academy
Maybe even with a young Doctor and Master.

3. The Adventures of River Song
I love River Song's character and think there is enough in her history and future to make for interesting stories and because space archaeology would be awesome.

2. Jo Grant Adventures
The Sarah Jane Adventures aired from 2007 till 2011. The fifth season only aired two weeks, production was permanently suspended due to actress Elizabeth Sladen's death. The idea her would be to have another of the Doctor's companions, Jo Grant, adopt Sarah Jane's son and continue the adventures.

1. The Great Detective or The Paternoster Gang
Why isn't this already a thing?

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Amai said...

Agreed. And that way we could have new Whoniverse shows all year. :)

AuroraLee said...

I'm down for almost any of those! Definitely more Jack, please! :)