Friday, December 04, 2015

Top Ten Fictional Characters Who Are SecretlyTime Lords

As part of last year's Whovian Christmas Special Countdown each week I had a different Top Ten. One of that I worked on was Top Ten Fictional Characters Who Are Secretly Time Lords. I hoped that it would keep for this year. Then yesterday as I was looking for images I found a BuzzFeed article "12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords."

Because many of my thoughts overlapped with their suggestions I decided not to post my list. Until talking with my Whovian friend Jamie who said, "Liz, you can't not do something because it already exists on the internet." He is rights, for most of the characters we (Jamie helped me with the list) I've found someone already memed the idea. So here is my list of fictional characters who are secretly Time Lords:

10. James Bond
Over fifty years and many different faces...Time Lord

9. Batman
Also many different face and his utility belt, if that is not Time Lord technology how does it hold all is gadgets?

8. Snoopy
His house is a TARDIS, he fights the Red Baron one moment and is home to be seen by Charlie Brown (his human companion) the next.

7. Harminone
Travels in time and had a bag that is bigger on the inside.

6. Professor Peabody
Uses a time machine, doesn't seem to age, and has a human companion.

5.  Santa
Artist have been capturing his face for years, dresses oddly enough to qualify, and is able to travel the world delivering toys which would only be possible with a TARDIS

4. Link
Has had many adventures through time, looks different in each reincarnation, at least one played a flute, and has helpful companions.

3. Carmen Sandiego
Anyone who had ever played Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego has not trouble believing she is a Time Lord, how else does she travel through time so quickly if not for a TARDIS?
Carmen Sandiego

2. Mary Poppins

And my favourite...

1. Ms. Frizzle

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