Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Gingerbread TARDIS

Sunday and Monday I helped my friend Alice prepare for Christmas. With the help of her Mom we created this gingerbread TARDIS and all the gingerbread Doctors. It was so much fun!
  • Gingerbread dough (from a favourite trusted recipe)
  • Icing (from a favourite trusted recipe)
  • Piping bags and icing tips
  • Icing dye (we used Wilton)
  • Candy -string licorice, yellow gummy, tiny dots in assorted colours, green ring gummy, any many blue candies
  • Cookie cutters
  • Time (this project took three of us three days)
Step 1: Prepare the dough and bake the pieces
Alice's mom made the dough on Saturday. Sunday we took an afternoon cutting out shapes and baking. There was also a few trips to friends and neighbours looking for the right size gingerbread man cookie cutters for the Doctors and icing dye (ours was dried out).

Step 2: Make a decorating plan
There are so many Doctor gingerbread samples online from very detailed with flooding and interacted designs to basic distinguishing features. We went with the basic design. Even with that choice it took two of us five hours on Monday to decorate everything.

Step 3: Mix icing
We followed the icing dye instructions. We only mixed a few colours at a time because there were only three useable piping bags.

Step 4: Icing the base
Our original plan was to flood the TARDIS panels. We decided to just spread the icing with spatulas. It worked well.

Step 6: Add details

Step 5: Assemble TARDIS
Alice's mom was the hero is this part of the project.

Step 5: Add last touches

Step 5: Admire the final results


The BBC's digital Doctor Who 2015 Advent Calendar.
Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 3 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian sees the Christmas Special: 4 sleeps

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Amai said...

Surprisingly, I like this post :) Your pictures turned out really well. One irrelevant note... the icing was actually a quick google. The tried and true one takes egg whites, which since it wasn't going to be cooked, was not the best plan for this much icing. So we searched for one that used meringue powder instead.