Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 11: Board Game Bliss

A few years back, Aurora organized an epic all day board game extravaganza for my birthday with her brother T and Ami. It was such a hit that it became a monthly event that they have kept going since I moved. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to join them this month (they moved the day so I could participate). Mum dropped me off in the morning then went off to see her friends.

With four of us, we each take turns choosing the game. The first to arrive has first pick. I chose Wizard School. This is a cooperative card game I really want to like. My first attempts to play failed horribly. I was playing with a friend and we were both miserable, confused and thought the game was broken. I was actually considering giving it away but I really really wanted to like it. I'm glad I gave it a second chance. It is much better with a larger game, and that's not just because we won.
T had the second pick and went with dice Pandemic. This is another cooperative from my collection. I had specifically been requested to bring it. We found the four cures before running out of dice to win the game.
Aurora's choice was Timeline: Events, which I think she won? (It came down to her and Ami)
Ami's choice was Cranium. I've saw this played once, in college, and I was not the most enthusiastic. It was the spelling category that I was dreading. Thankfully Aurora is smarter than me. The teams were Ami and T verse Aurora and me. We both needed one card and the game went back and forth till Aurora got the last question right for us to take the victory.
My next choice was Tabago, because I've wanted to play for awhile. It was a good round and I'm happy to have played. I think the win went to T. but I could be wrong again (sorry, I will correct if you leave me a message). EDITOR'S NOTE: I have been corrected; Ami won Tobago.
T had the last game before I had to leave. It was the storytelling game Gloom. Where you want horrible things to happen to your family before you kill them off. This was my first time playing. It's not something I would choose or own, but it was surprisingly fun. I would play it again and not just because I won.
Next was to Kim's house to help with some wedding prep. I saw Gina! and there were many hugs. We had garlic fingers and made pretty centerpieces.

Nova Scotia Trip Bucket-List Successes:
4. Participate in a day of board games with Aurora


Amai said...

Aurora won Timeline
I won Tabago

After you left Aurora and I (Amai with two a) played Legendary (guardians expansion), batman dice, Sushi Go and BS.

It was a lot of fun... nice to have the original four back for old home week :)

Amai said...

Or just A (with one A like 'T') is fine...