Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nova Scotia Bound & Bucket List

The car is loaded!

We just finished. I should be going to sleep but I'm too wired. I am so excited. This time tomorrow I am going to be hugging Best Friend. In lieu of bed I am going to try writing. 

For those who don't know, mom and I are traveling east for the next two-ish weeks. We're leaving tomorrow at ridiculous o'clock and driving to Best Friends in Moncton. Saturday we will continue on to God's country (Nova Scotia) for a friends wedding in the City, where we're spending the night. Then on Sunday the plan is to be in the Valley.

In anticipation of our trip, Mom and I have been making lists and lists of all the people we want to seep, things we want to do, and foods we want to eat while in Nova Scotia. Probably more than is actually possible to cram into our time visiting but we are going to try. A few of these are going to also be on this year's Birthday Bucket List (which is completed I just haven't posted yet).

1. Hug all of my people (with the exception of friends who do not appreciate hugs)
2. Brunch with The Brunch Club
3. Attend the Wednesday Games Group Games Night
4. Participate in a day of board games with Aurora
5. Go to the Valley Drive-In
6. Live music
7. Attend a party with spontaneous jam session
8. The Wolfville Farmer Market
9. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
10. Visit Crystal Falls (or another falls)
11. See the Blue Nose (is it out of dry docks yet?)
12. Drive Ridge Road (Greenwood to Wolfville)
13. Halifax Harbour/take a hopper tour
14. Visit Port George
15. Ghost Walk
16. Watch the sunrise over the Bay of Fundy
17. Go to the Look-Off
18. Find the cement houses
19. Go geocaching
20. Attend the worship service at Kings
21. Lobster
22. Muscles
23. Scott Skins
24. London Fog, yes they have them here but I miss my cafes
25. Eat at the Naked Crepe
26. Eat at the Pita Hut
27. Eat at the Korean place
28. All you can eat sushi
29. Have a donair with real donair sauce
30. Maybe a donair pizza but garlic fingers for sure

The list keeps growing but I need to call it a night; ridiculous o'clock is 6 less than hours away.

Any further additions will be included in the next post. Mom and I are going to chronicle our adventures over the next two weeks so stay tuned. Two questions:
  1. Is it too late in the season to go tubing? 
  2. Is there anything we should add to our list?

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Amai said...

Glad to see you're blogging, and in NS :) Pretty good list.

I would recommend adding seeing Aurora's photography in Kentville on Thursday.

Bluenose is in the water.