Friday, August 25, 2017

Day 7: Hikes, Harbours, and Happiness

The days have started to blur into a kaleidoscope of happiness and memories. Thursday kept this tradition going. There was so much goodness crammed into one day. It also holds the record for the most bucket-list items completed in a single day.

The morning was slow starting. We're on holidays and one of the privileges of that is getting to sleep in. After lunch I headed over to the O'Connor's where I blogged and then played Minecraft with Timothy. Timothy who is now officially taller than me. It was close when we saw each other of March Break at Break Out Con. I am the first adult friend he is taller than (I know that doesn't say much but it is a small milestone). Once Mom was there (she had lunch plans with a friend) the three of us set off to find a waterfall.

The trail was more challenging and would have required us to walk through four inches of water to get through a tunnel. We decided that this mini waterfall would satisfy the bucket-list requirements.
After the water fall failure we continued on to the Look Off.
Another attempt to use the panorama feature. It really doesn't do the view justice.
It would not be a trip to the Look Off without ice cream. (It took us four attempts to get this picture)

Next we visited Huntington Point to find the fairy cottages (cement houses).
Our last (and longest) stop was Halls Harbour.

I finally dipped my feet in the Bay of Fundy

Timothy and Mum decided that this could also count as a waterfall. They aren't wrong, it is water and it is falling. It is not what I had originally considered. We also found one of the Uncommon Art installments.

Still in Halls Harbour we met supper, Lenny and Lewis, they were delicious
We also found a giant lobster, this is not the one I was thinking of but it is taller than me and so it counts.

We ended our adventures with ice cream after one last picture of the coast.
Nova Scotia Trip Bucket-List Successes:
10. Visit Crystal Falls (or another falls)
17. Go to the Look-Off
18. Find the cement houses
21. Lobster
31. Halls Harbour visit
34. Picture with a giant lobster

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