Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 4: A Day in Wolfville

I just finished posting Day 3's adventures and it's only early evening on Day 4. The day isn't really over but I am going to take advantage of the laptop while I have a chance. Thank you Donna! It's really a fun writing experience; she is making music in the other room - getting ready for her open mic tomorrow. It is the perfect atmosphere to write in.

We had a relaxed morning. It was nice after three very focused-destination-driven days to move at a leisurely pace. We had a few errands to get out of the way that filled the rest of the morning. We did drive part of the Wolfville section of Ridge Road. I love the view (I love many Nova Scotia views). My apologies, the photo does not do it justice.
Around noon Mum dropped me off in downtown Wolfville while she went to see a few friends at the other end of the Valley. Pat and I played Firefly Fluxx while I enjoyed a delicious cup of London Fog. It helped me cope with my 3-0 loses.
I was getting hungry and left to search for food. We ran into Melinda (didn't hurt at all). As we chatted, Jamie and Auna appeared. There were hugs and tears (of joy) - Auna hadn't known I was visiting. They joined us for food. More fun, chats, and puns - oh, the puns! They are quick and witty. I am continually blown away by them. I love my friends. There were more hugs thanks to a surprise visit from Neighbour (it helps people to find you when you tell everyone where you are on Facebook).

When it was just Jamie, Auna, and I, we went to TAN. I spend a lot of time in cafes here; I'm feeling water logged. Jamie and I played more Firefly Fluxx. My losing streak continued with 2-0 victories for Jamie. I think my next game will be a cooperative.

Before another loss, we were all needing downtime. They helped me locate Donna, who has, as mentioned, allowed me to use her laptop. She just finished playing so I should go. If anything else neat happens today I'll include it in tomorrow's journal.  (PS... if you read my blog regularly and are thinking to yourself "wow, hardly any grammar mistakes this time!" - that's actually thanks to Donna as well!  ;O) Can you tell who wrote this last sentence??)


Nova Scotia Trip Bucket-List Successes:
12. Drive Ridge Road (Greenwood to Wolfville) -not really I just wanted to see the Wolfville portion and Mum wanted to see the Greenwood to New Minas portion. So we did the Wolfville drive together this morning and she planned to do rest this evening on her drive back to pick me up.
24. London Fog

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