Monday, July 14, 2008

Cat Tales

I’ve been concerned about Inu; he has been losing weight for several weeks. Some time before I went to Beulah my neighbors told me their cats had worms and I might want to get medication for mine. It makes sense since they all play together.

Today I stopped into the animal hospital to pick up the de-worming pills. Having never feed cats pills before, the receptionist suggested I coat them with butter. There is no coating on the pills and the cats are mostly likely going to spit them out and/or froth at the mouth without the butter assist. I was thinking “oh great” and headed home to dispense the meds.

We started with Inu since he is normally more willing to be held. So glad that Mom was with me. It was a challenge, Mom earned a few battle scars, but eventually after adding more butter he took the pill. Learning from Inu, I placed a little on my finger let Kima taste it. She wanted more so I over coated the pill pushed it in her mouth and with in seconds it was swallowed. Mary Poppins might want to rework her lyrics to: "a spoon for of butter helps the medicine go down."

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