Thursday, July 03, 2008

Family-ness Part 1

I wrote "Family-ness" as one huge post yesterday before heading to Halifax to pick up my mom. Sadly there were power issues at the church (all taken care of now) and I was unable to actually post what I had written. Looking at it now I’m thinking that because of the length it really should be a two part thing. So here goes -Part 1:

The much anticipated “My Week in Ontario” post; it feels like writing that first essay of every year in grade school: my summer vacation. The week was restful but more than that I was able to see everyone in both of my extended families. This was my first time “home” in two years.

With the Willsons*
Tuesday my Aunt Sharon** (my mom’s sister) picked me up about 7pm in Hamilton. We drove London, had an amazing Happy 22nd Birthday Dinner for my cousin, then drove another hour-ish to my mom’s hometown of Wardsville. Sharon and I were still wide awake and decided it would be a good idea to do for the worlds longest walk (how many km was it Aunt Sharon?)

Wednesday we had breakfast with my grandfather. I am so thankful I got that time with him.

Next Aunt Sharon took me to a petting farm turned zoo my grandmother use to take me. It was weird. I know they have expanded but by expanding it actually fits my childhood memory of a big place. One of my favourite things was we had ice cream cones at this little concession stand I remember Grandma buying me a treat from.

Then visited a beautiful provincial park were Aunt Sharon decided it was high time I overcame my fear of bikes. 10 km later I was very sore but still on the bike and actually enjoying myself. Still not my favourite thing in the world; but bikes no longer send me hiding in a corner in the fetal position. We got back just in time for a super quick shower before family and friends arrived for a BBQ.

Thursday was more relaxed, which was super good because I was sore and sun burnt from the day before. Aunt Sharon biked to work so I could have the car. I drove out to my cousin Eva’s green house co-op placement. They had a banana tree.

I had lunch with my uncles Mark (Sharon’s husband) and Brian (Eva’s dad). Then spent the rest of the day reading till Uncle Jim (dad’s brother), Aunt Penny (Jim’s wife), and Jeff (cousin) picked me up for the second half of my trip.

*Note: there are two L’s in the last name. Grandpa always jokes we haven’t had the L knocked out of us yet…
**Sorry to my relatives who have asked me to drop the titles. It just seems wrong and doesn’t sound right to me.

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