Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July is an Awesome Month!

Happy Canada Day!!!
…And an early happy Independence Day to my friends south of the boarder. How exactly do you great each other on July 4th?

I think July will be my busiest month of the year. Tomorrow my mom flies in from Winnipeg for a three week visit. Next week I’m in NB for Beulah week. My mom is going to stay in NS and visit friends. Finishing off the months events is the children's ministry morning day camp (VBS type thing) July 21st to 25th. The theme is “crazy camp” and we are using Standard Publishing’s Camp curriculum. It's going to be a great week.
I also want to share that the conflict previously mentioned has been resolved. The situation is maybe even better than resolved. Thank you Aaron and AJ for your encouraging words, it helped. After I posted last Tuesday night the friend and I had a phone conversation that began to repair the hurts on both sides. I then visited a couple who helped me work through what I had learned from the conflict (about conflict in general, about communicating, and about myself). Last week I also took the time to work though my ideas and actually formed a better solution because of the points of views that conflicted with mine. And today the friend and I had lunch together and talked about tons of stuff and it was just a great time. I believe that my ministry here and who I am becoming will be stronger because of last week’s conflict.

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