Friday, July 04, 2008

Staying with the Stewarts: Family-ness Part 2

Friday I slept in, when I finally woke it was lunch time. I think this is when (but it also could have been Saturday) Aunt Penny took my cousins Bill (a year older than me) and Jeff (a year under than me) and me to the art gallery. I love art galleries so this was amazing. There was this cool special exhibited of this famous Geisha’s kimonos. They were beautiful. Then we visited my Grandma and Grandpa Stewart. It is so good to see family. I love where I live…I just wish it wasn’t so far from everyone. When we got home Bill and Jeff destroyed me at all things Wii…that is to be expected. That night we went out to eat. Bill and I were going to see the Hulk that night but the theater had no power so we hung out with his friends and played more Wii…I was still destroyed.

Saturday was another late morning though not as late as the day before. I spend most of the day with my grandparents. We chatted about life and knitting (both very important things) had lunch and took an afternoon nap –it was awesome. Grandma Stewart is letting me borrow a knitting book with patterns for all these different types of stitches and laces I don’t know. For supper Uncle Jim barbequed the best ribs I have ever had –the best! Than Bill, Jeff, and I made it to the late show of the Hulk, yay for power being on.

Sunday was my last morning in Ontario. I got up at 6 am and packed because I was so excited to attend church. It was more than just me going to church, I do that every week, this was the first time in three years (maybe longer) that I was going to church and there was nothing for me to do –nothing. It was wonderful. I chose to attend the Meeting House’s Hamilton site. I deeply thank Bill for coming with me. I like going to new places but it is nice to have someone with you. After church Uncle Jim, Aunt Penny, Bill and I drove (Jim drove and the rest of us were along for the ride) where we met up with my Aunt Beth, Uncle David and his wife Elba.*** It was a great reunion just before I needed to board my flight. And that was my week with family.

This picture was taken in the airport parking lot. Left to right is Bill, me, Uncle Jim, Elba, and David.

***Elba is the exception to yesterdays note about my need for titles. I met her when she was dating my Uncle so the introduction wasn’t “Aunt Elba” and now that sounds funny to me. She is still a wonderful aunt!


Dena said...

Yea for time with the fam! You're looking all grown up, Liz with your pearls and long hair, etc. Good to hear of great times with the ones who are so important to us. By the way, we greet each other by saying "Happy fourth of July" or simply, "Happy Fourth". Happy late Canada Day to you, too!. In our house each person celebrates a different Independence Day.

Jecca said...

you left a comment on my blog like a week ago and i totally missed it. lol Yes, I'm vegan now and I miss you too. :)

I second Dena's really are looking quite lovely. :)