Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Driving home from Beulah today I reflected on the past week. There were plenty good moments; I am thankful my church sent me. I loved being in the services, meeting some of the district pastors, chatting over meals, and reconnecting with college friends. My ministry task for the week was helping Amy Smith with the nursery. When I first got the assignment I grumbled, yet God really blessed me through my time with the children. I am actually grateful that that was where I served this week. I had a surprise reunion Wednesday with Rick and Eunice Cox and their son Trevor, who had been my supervisors in Swaziland. Seeing them and hearing how about African friends was a joy. The week was great but the best was truly saved for last and it started with waiting…

Friday evening just before service I was sitting on the veranda with Rick and Eunice secretly on the look out for my missions buddy, Selinda Ingals. When I finally saw someone who could possible be her I jumped up, doubted myself and sat again, doubted my doubt and jumped up again. Hesitated a second time and sat down again and asked “could that be Selinda?” Rick confirmed the girl walking towards the dinning hall was in fact Selinda and I was out of my seat in a full sprint towards her. I would have tackled her to the ground except she was wearing dressy clothes and we would have landed on gravel.

After three years apart it was beyond wonderful to be together. It was so good seeing her and there was just so much catch up on. From the time we saw each other till the time we parted this afternoon at 3pm it was like we had the on going conversation that just keep going between everything else that was happening (ie service, talking with other people, sleep, meals). It was amazing. Debbie Benson, wonderful woman, let us stay in the spare bedroom of her cottage last night. Sharing bunk beds was liking being roommates again. The week was good but the time with Selinda was the sweetest thing.

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Dena said...

Yay for former roomates! They are wonderful.