Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Reading

I’ve loved reading since high school. It is a cheap way to travel, great escape, and wonderful pastime. Traditionally I had read from a small pool of authors and genres. More recently I have been broadening my both my fiction and non-fiction scope. Trying new styles, subjects, and series has been similar to discovering childhood icky foods are actually good.

Right now I am finishing John Grisham’s The Appeal and Barbara Kingsolver’s (author of the Poison Wood Bible) non-fiction Animal, Vegetable, and Miracle. I’m also working through The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Darkness is Rising sequence, and His Dark Materials trilogy.

There is a lot of reading going on but I am wondering does, anyone have a book suggestion (fiction or non) to add to my summer reading list? Also what are you reading this summer?

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Jecca said...

I doubt I will finish anything I'm reading...I'd have to make a weekly trip to Starbucks or something to actually get focused enough to read, which I'm considering doing. Two books read in the last 7 months is pretty pitiful.

Anyway, my recommendations would be "Letters for Emily" and "Into the Wild." "Irresistible Revolution" is also really good.