Thursday, July 10, 2008


Beulah has been great for seeing and catching up with friend’s living somewhere else on the district but what I love the most are the surprise reunions. I was sitting in the evening service when I noticed Becca Perry with her mom. I slipped out to greet her. During my summer team experiences we had stayed with the Crofts in Pennsylvania a number of times. It was good to see them, reminisce, and hear what’s new then they surprised me with news that their relatives had also come, had I seen Rick and Eunice?

WHAT!?! Rick and Eunice were at Beulah? Becca told me where they were sitting in the service and I slipped back in to the service to wait for the closing prayer to greet them. Rick and Eunice were the family that had supervised my internship in Swaziland, Africa. When Selinda and I left in November 2004 we didn’t know when or if we would ever see them again. It’s weird saying goodbye to people who have poured into your life, mentored you, and been like a second family not knowing if you’ll ever see them again. And then to see them again, oh, it was amazing! Got to love reunions.

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