Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love birthdays only the past week I’ve been dreading today. Not because I am a year older but because there were no plans. Three groups of friends were away for an assortment of reasons and going to away was derailed with the need to buy a new car and ministry commitments. I fully expected a dull un-celebratory weekend. My mental picture was me singing myself Happy Birthday over single candle stuck in leftovers while my cats looked on snobbishly.

I am thankful to say that did not happen. After SEED last night (see previous post) we went to one of the performers homes. My friends Brent and Kim attended the Agora when they lived in the city and this was there chance to introduce us to some of their “peace-loving, veggie-eating, artsy” friends. There was cake and nutritional-yeast-popcorn (it’s better than it sounds) and the best multi-harmony version of Happy Birthday I have ever heard.

Just before midnight I called my Mummy to wish her a happy 28th anniversary of our first introduction. We counted down to 1 minute past midnight when we jumped up and down squealing with joy like little piggys. Okay I jumped up and down I am not sure if Mum did too but she did humor me with squeals. Then today during the children’s ministry opening one of the parents surprised me with cake and we had an awesome surprise party. I fisniedh off the day with a nap, dinner out with a friend, followed by the movie “17 Again” and last blogging.

April 26, 2009 = a good day!


Jecca said...

I'm so glad it went well for you! I was expecting the same thing, being so far from my family, but it was actually quite nice.

Nutritional yeast popcorn = yum! love that stuff :)

matthew said...

Glad you had a good birthday Liz :)