Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rock Works

I’m in the midst of reading Pete Greig’s Red Moon Rising: how the 24-7 prayer is awakening a generation. Chapter eight, ‘Holy Space,’ is a visual tour of an hour in a prayer room. During the walk, you come to a corner with a mock stone wall, each of the ‘bricks’ have a name written on it. “It’s the visual evidence of the heart-cry of others…” After reading a few ‘you’ take one and place it in your pocket. At the end of the ‘tour’ as you reach into pocket for your keys, your fingers brush against the rock -a sudden reminded to pray.

I liked that, so I tried it Tuesday night with the mission team. After we walked through our lesson on “pray P.R.A.Y” We agreed to pray for the person on our left. Everyone was given a rock to help remind. I liked the idea but wasn’t sure how it would go over…that is until the fifth time I reached into my pocket brushed against my rock and said a prayer for my partner.

The rock works.

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