Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday Again

Where did the week go? Everyday I’ve had things to write but said “I’ll do it tomorrow” and here it is Thursday again, time for another thankful post with nothing in between. I will write some of the things I’ve been thinking and accounts of what God is doing…someday. Till then this is what I am thankful for:

-answered prayer
-my family, they are the best!
-clothes that fit
-clean sheets
-wedding invitations
-extra help and new ministry volunteers
-problems that are bigger than me because I means I need to trust more
-solutions to these big problems in ways I had never expected
-music that lifts the soul
-books that challenge me
-people who are willing to be a close community
-being able to participate in the drop in center
-my new car, yep, Erwin has been replaced HUGE answer to many prayers!

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