Sunday, April 26, 2009

SEED @ The Agora

Agora -o·rae (ə-rē') or -o·ras.
1) A place of congregation, especially an ancient Greek marketplace.
2) A church in Halifax.

Yesterday three friends and I traveled up to Halifax “the City” just to relax and clean out my former car. After the errands and a tasty Lebanese supper we went to Sharing Everyone’s Extraordinary Diversity at the Agora. It is a seasonal multi-artistic coffee house that the church uses to connect with the art community in Halifax. The night was great. The set up is 3 musical acts, 2 "other" performance acts, and one visual artist per SEED. The “other” stuff last night was a great short story writer and an African dance. If you were at jesus to the nations it was the same crew. The visual artist shared pieces her journey through Lesotho, Africa.

The whole show was wonderful, like a really good stew, when all the ingredients come together to make a fuller dish. The meal would be less if the carrots, potatoes, or spices were missing. The night made me smile a lot, these girls helped, The Ukeladies . I am looking forward to visiting the Summer SEED.

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