Saturday, April 04, 2009

C is for Cultivating

For 2009 I am intentionally seeking to improve six areas of my life. March was about continuing to think about the challenges. In April, I hope to cultivate patterns that help these areas be more natural. This is the journey thus far…

Connecting (with God) –I am closer to God today than I was yesterday and I will be closer to him tomorrow than I am now. There has been a renewed hunger in me for God and the things of God, for being obedient to him, and for a desire to care about the things he cares about. I believe participating in Lent, Jesus to the Nations, and time with friends last month are directly related to where I am now.

Community –I’ve had the youth group in for a movie night, friends for a meal, and two sleepovers.

Creativity –At the start of the month I made some cards and I’ve been doing a lot of knitting while waiting.

Correspondence –Sending just one card a month is an improvement over last year and now I am sending two or three cards a month and sent five cards this week.

ChallengesThe challenges are hard. Some I am doing better on then others. Reading classical fiction is on the back burner with running 10km while the sending cards and homemade Christmas presents are coming along well.

Commitment –April’s personal growth focus is “being healthy”. I signed out a pedometer from the library. The average active adult should be taking between 7,000 and 11,000 steps a day. Yesterday I managed somewhere between 1,000 & 2,000 (I realized that sitting for awhile it had move and missed all steps in an four hour period). The positive, I can only improve.

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