Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not a Coincidence

I love hearing from a friends I haven’t heard from in awhile. It could be a phone call, card, email, or even just a “hi” on my facebook wall, whatever the means of communication it brightens my day. Today was no exception, only it was bigger. The note was short, just a few lines, from a friend I hadn’t talked with in months.

“Hey there, I just wanted to let you know you came to mind when I was praying this morning and that you were on my heart. I hope life is going well for you down there.”
It changed everything today and reminded me how big God really is. See, my friend had no way of knowing that today my dad was going in for an angiogram. I had only told a few people at my church. I’ve been positive about the whole thing, its pretty common low risk procedure. It wasn’t till I was replying to the note I realized through tears how much it has been worrying me. It wasn’t an accident that I was suddenly on this friends mind. It wasn’t a coincidence they sent me a short message to check it.

Today God both encouraged and reminded me that He is big, in control, and no matter what happens it will be okay.

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