Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Not really 500 miles...I might make 5km (approximately 6600 steps) on a good day.

Did you know the recommended daily step goal for an adult age 20-50 is between 7,000 and 11,000 steps?

I didn’t till this month. Heart and Stroke Nova Scotia has partnered with local library to provided pedometer kits through the Walk About Nova Scotia program. Their purpose is to promote active healthy living through intentional walking. The starting of the program has been perfect for me because my April life style focus was “be healthier.” When I came up with the challenge it’s a little too objective. The pedometer gave me a tangible goal.

I didn’t follow their guidelines the first three weeks. I just set the counter at 0 every morning and walked. At the end of the day I recorded how much I had walked and thought how I could improve the numbers the next day. Most days I was just discouraged because I didn’t even come close to the low end of the projected goal. Last week I reviewed the logbooks guide and found it was actually helpful.

They recommend that the first week you just walk like you normally would (check). Then you average out the week’s steps (check). The next week you add 10% on to your average to have the weeks step goal. Each week you add another 10% till you reach your overall step goal. This chart is all my current walking data:

I have the step counter for another three weeks. My goal is to average 7000 daily by the final week.

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