Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hunt

Erwin, my dear green Hyundai Accent, is on life support. The insurance company has deemed that the cost to repair is greater than my little cars value (I strongly dislike suicidal animals that run in front of innocent cars). I was given a settlement quote yesterday. I am more than a little overwhelmed. Different friends have given advice most of which conflicts with everyone else’s advice. I really wish my dad was in the province so he could take me car shopping. These are moments when I don’t feel like a real adult and therefore not yet qualified to make decision like this but there is no one else around to be the grown up.

Whether I like it or not the great car hunt has been begun...I’m off to do some test driving, it could be fun.

1 comment:

matthew said...

i suggest a bike. It's basically summer now anyways