Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making Wonderland: Part 4

The Teabag Toss
After a visit with the Queen of Hearts and a game of flamingo croquet we went downstairs to the main room. We need to wait for the dessert to be ready so we started with a game of teabag toss. Each person was given a chance to toss three Red Rose tea bags into the large teacup. The teacup is a plant pot I found at Michaels.

We kept this game going till the chocolate was melted and it was time for the...

The Mad Tea Party
This was my favourite room. I loved everything about it! I love the colours and the use of teacups and teapots, and the bright unbirthday sign, the whimsical paper lanterns. I loved this room! So much so that I want to host another mad tea party just so I can reuse the decorations.
The centerpieces were different teapots and an assortment of teacups for children's tea sets. The large paper lanterns were mine. The other lanterns were created using ideas from the Tuesday Tutorial: Paper Lanterns pattern and these ribbon paper lanterns. The teacup pictures on the wall were bought at Michaels. The tablecloths, party cups, plates, and napkins are from the dollar store. We even had a Dormouse:Ladies from the church loaned me their china tea cups which were displayed on the dessert table (with my solemn promise that they would be safe and returned unbroken). Dessert was this beautiful cake made by one of the girls in my youth group

And chocolate fondue...yum!
Served with iced tea because you can't go to a tea party and not have tea.

When the strawberries were gone and everyone had had their fill of cake awards and prizes were given out. The first prizes were dress/costume related "best theme outfit" "finest thrifty threads" "tackiest outfit" and "people's choice." Followed by prizes for the different games. My favourite prize to award was the Cheshire cat I knit for "Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat"
And that was the night.
I'm already dreaming up ideas for next year's Frenchy Formal...
...I think it might be a masquerade


Glo said...

liz i am amazed by your creativity. this is simply awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Glo!

Nuchtchas said...

it all looks amazing, such a great event idea! You really do go all out for this