Sunday, July 17, 2011

Race Day

Today was the the 1st Annual New Hope Champion Derby! IT WAS AWESOME! The whole weekend has been a two day blast hosted by Kidsworld (my children's ministry) and the GEMS & Cadet clubs. Thank you to Michael & Colette Van Meekeren and Tony and Inge de Vries for making it happen!

Yesterday was Construction Day. Thirty young hopeful race car designers (and ten adults) took a block of pine tried to create the fast thing on four tiny wheels. After concepts were penciled onto wood they when outside to the "workshop." There was a tent set up with all sorts of band-saws, presses and sanders to bring the sketches to life (operated by adults only).Best quote:
"Pastor Liz, are we going to cut the wood?"
"Did you see the saws and machines outside? [nods head] We'll be using those."
"Oh good, I was worried we would have to cut the wood with scissors."
It took me a while to settle on a design, I decided to go with a killer bunny which awakened an ancient fabled feud when Jackie made turtle -the tortoise and the hare. We're both competitive and she kept saying "you know how the stories goes" my weak reply was "this is a sprint with no time for naps."

All the cars

This morning the church congregation judged the best designs then after lunch was the big race. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! There were four categories under 6s, 7-9s, 10-13s, and 14+. I've never seen the kids so excited, maybe Christmas, but this actually felt bigger. After all the heats the "tortoise and the hare" raced. Jackie's turtle won three:But the Killer Rabbit took Second for best adult design so that's something :)


The turtle said...

Muhaha! The gauntlet was thrown down and the proverbial workhorse won!

Anonymous said...

Jackie's turtle is a Blanding's Turtle?
Yea for them making a comeback!

(Sorry Liz.)


Elizabeth said...

Just wait for next year Turtle, Killer Bunny will be back with a vengeance!

No worries Jane, the turtle was very awesome.