Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Kim

I am thankful for...
Kim O'Connor
(next to me on the right)

I love Kim! She is one of my favourites! She's one of the girls. She is part of the reason I can't see myself living anywhere else. Kim has been one of my greatest ministry cheerleaders but also a trusted advisers who tells me when I am being silly. I love her wisdom and joy and sincerity and organization and compassion. I value our conversations, her willing to listen, and the practical advice that she give. I enjoy our trips (even if it's just to the store), and any time we're together like chatting over lunch, and mutual crafting/card making. And I adore game nights, and surprise invitations for dinner, and her friendship! It is Kim who got me hooked on Euro board games and card making. I also appreciate her willingness to listen to me ramble about subjects that she couldn't care about be I do.

I admire Kim; she has this great inner strength and grace. She is a majestic tall oak with deep roots...or something equally great. It's hard to explain. She is just...just...what's the best word? Wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazing, delightful, awesome! Definitely awesome which is why I am so very thankful to know her and call her friend. Yay for Kim!

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