Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Heidi

I am thankful for...

Heidi Bezanson!

Heidi and I knew each other years before we actually got to know each other well enough to be friends. Almost ten (or maybe more) years ago, a mutual friend introduced us at a Bethany Booster (when Encounter was still Booster) weekend. At the time she was a teen and I was a student. We then met and re-met a number of times. We were two years apart at bbc, did our internships in the same country a year apart, and shared may of the same interests and friends but didn't actually getting to know each other till after I graduated and returned from Japan. That first year we were both first time-first year children’s pastors in NS. I'm an glad to count Heidi amoun my friends.

Heidi is energetic, genuine, caring, enthusiastic, friendly, heart for people and meeting real needs, resourceful, creative, artistic, crafty (to avoid confusion I mean "good with sewing and hot gluing" crafty not "magic" crafty), passion-filled, compassionate, loyal, and joyful. I am thankful for my friend Heidi and that she is my road-trip companion to and from Beulah this year which answers a huge pray. YAY GOD and Heidi!

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