Monday, September 24, 2007


New today, list of what I'm the currently reading and the 2007 reading lists. Back in January I was posting of the books I had read. I was also trying to keep a list of all the movies I watched but soon forgot to keep a record. I watch way too many movies. I’ve kept up with the book list, though I stopped posting the new entries. I was always planning on it but it never happened and the list grew. Then during May till end of July I just didn’t read anything. It was a very odd not to be reading, not sure why I wasn’t.

Anyways, at the start of August I got a library card and have been reading like crazy. I love my library. They have this great system that connects all the area libraries and the website lets you order books from any library and you choose where to pick them up. I’m on the waiting list for about 9 books right now. Also, the writer’s workshop I participated was put on by the library.

All that to say there are two new lists, faster than posting the reading list. Who knows, next there might even be a links list. The link thing has always been an issue for me. I like the idea but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out and I wouldn’t want to try to compete with Matthew for Bethany hub. My solution has just been not to have one. That might change.


Robin said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person I know who has like 5 books on the go at a time... Looks like a good list; did you know Jim Lo was one of my teachers at Missionary Training Institute? He's a beautiful man.

Elizabeth said...

I didn't know, about the teaching thing, but from his writings he seems wonderful.

matthew said...

perhaps i will make a millennial quiz for you to take. if i find time, i send you the link

Elizabeth said...