Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #27

Last Saturday I was talking with a couple in my church. They were asking about the preparations for the big kid’s event the following day. I told them everything ready I just needed to figure out what to wear since I had grown out of my suit. The husband looked at me in surprise and said, "Liz, you can’t have grown." With a smile I said, "only outwards." It was a light playful conversation that soon switched to other topics. I had completely forgotten it till yesterday when his wife called me up and wanted to know if I was available for lunch and the afternoon today. She then explained I had been on her mind, that the conversation had got her thinking more about me, and that she wanted to bless me with a new outfit. I was in shock and amazement.

We went out for lunch today and had a delightful time. She is so much fun to be with. I’ve known her since coming to the church, she helps with the children’s ministries, but today I saw her as a friend. After lunch she took me to the mall. At first I was discouraged. We tried three shops and nothing fit right. The last few times I’ve gone shopping I’ve cried in the change room for the same reason. It’s not just a "this makes me look fat" thing. Only certain body types are flattered by most designs and I am not one of them. The folds and pleats are never in the right spots. The sleeves are too long on shirts that fit well everywhere else. My friend didn’t give up. We tried one more store and the clerks were wonderful. The clothes were beautiful, comfortable, and fit. Then my friend surprised me more by purchasing more than the promised outfit. I might to a "fashion show" of the new threads tomorrow. I’ve been humbled; I’ve been honored; I’ve been blessed.

I drove into my yard tonight and was just mesmerized by the beauty of the stars and the greatest of God. It was the ideal end to a day of blessings. I am blessed. I have a wonderful family. I have wonderful friends. I have a job I want to get out of bed to do. I serve a God who loves me and desires. Youth tonight went well, very well. I really have peace and joy about how things went, about the message and its re to the students lives, the small groups discussions, and for the first time I am looking forward (not dreading) next week. For all this I am thankful.

Quote of the day:

"You're a cool God-lover,
'cause you don't judge!"
-Gina, during a MSN converstation


matthew said...

that's a nice story. nice people are nice. have a nice day.

Elizabeth said...

Matthew, it was nice of you to comment, I hope a nice day for you as well, but what is with the over use of "nice"?

Robin said...


Steph said...

i love time we're in the same province shopping together must happen.

Elizabeth said...

Yes yes it must!

And Love, do you have my Japanese cookbook?

Steph said...

hrmmm...will ask husband and house owners...or look at the table next to me...that would also work. Yes, yes I do.