Monday, September 10, 2007


Thanks for asking how it went Sarah, and for anyone else interested, the day was wonderful. Everything came together beautifully. There were new faces and families. I counted 29 kids. I missed most of the CastleRock presentation because I was waiting for the inflatable guy to show up. He came just at the right time. The ladies did a wonderful job organizing the BBQ. There was enough food for everyone, someone brought in these amazing lemon cupcakes. The weather was great so we could be out side to eat.

Some of my youth did facing painting. Jay was awesome. I laugh just thinking about it. Most of the boys had a tractor painted. It was so random, I couldn’t figure it out till I heard that he was sitting with the face painters and a young boy wanted Jay to paint something. Jay agreed but said, "I can only do tractors".

It was an amazingly great, full, tiring day. The only downside to the whole day…I forgot my camera at home.

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