Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #26

Some times its hard to see the blessing in the midst of a full week. Through three books, friends, and just daily living God reminded me He loves me and wants me to seek him. I am thankful for that and for His forgiveness. I am also thankful for...

-Ice Cream
-The sweet calm after everyone has left, chocolate sauce is wiped up and the first youth event of a new school year is done
-When delegated tasks get down
-Books that draw me close to God
-Fun fiction
-Wonderful people who you can call when a task is just to big to handle, like having 5558 sheets of paper to fold in half before 1 pm
-Hugs from dear friends
-Late night talks with good friends even if its over msn
-Wise words from friends weather it be in person, over msn or via blogdom
-Friends who greet with by naming food rather than hellos, Yay Pie!


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