Saturday, September 15, 2007

Maize Maze

I got lost in a corn maze tonight, lost, found, and lost again, some how managing to make it out in the hour given. For the first youth event the night went well. Started at my place with a meet the cats. Kima was so scared she managed to find herself up in the bottom of the couch. Only she got herself trapped. The guys ended having to flip the couch upside down (slowly and carefully of course) to fish her out.

Then we walked over to a local farmers market, where we had booked use of the maze. With flashlights in hand we bravely faced the challenge in groups of threes and fours. I joined the three grade seven who enjoyed finding all the hidden locations. The girls got a little spooked but other than that it was great. We ended the night with a campfire and marshmallows. The great part for me was two teens I didn’t think would come back this year came out, both of who I sent letters to last week with a schedule of out up coming events. And another youth brought a friend. What a great night! Now to bed.

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